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Marina Kotlyar, OD

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DMV Eye Exam Forms Specialist

At Grand Vision Center, in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Kotlyar performs the vision tests necessary for driver's licensure in New York State, completing DMV eye forms and other required paperwork so her patients can get their licenses and get the eye care they need to stay safe behind the wheel.


What are DMV vision tests?

DMV vision tests measure your visual acuity, or your ability to see things clearly at different distances. It uses a standard measurement system called the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale. It's a much simpler test than you would receive during a comprehensive eye exam and does not require your pupils to be dilated. In addition to indicating the clarity of your vision at different distances, the DMV eye test results will also indicate other vision-related issues, including the use of telescopic lenses or difficulty seeing clearly after dark.

Does every driver need to undergo a DMV vision test?

Yes, in New York State, every driver must undergo a vision test to receive or renew their driver's license. The law mandates every driver must have a visual acuity of at least 20/40 in one or both eyes, with or without wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses.

What kinds of vision-related restrictions does New York State impose on drivers?

If your DMV eye test indicates you have less than 20/40 vision, your license or learner's permit will specify that you must wear corrective lenses when driving. If you require telescopic lenses – special lenses that are much stronger than typical eyeglasses or contacts – you'll have to have a separate form filed (the Eye Test Report for Medical Review Unit form MV-80L) indicating your use of telescopic lenses. The form will be forwarded to the DMV's Medical Review Unit (MRU) and a restriction will be placed on your license or permit indicating you wear telescopic lenses. Additionally, if your vision health indicates you have significantly impaired night vision such that you should only drive during the day, your license or permit will bear the restriction “DAYLIGHT DRIVING ONLY.”



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